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Product: MarCum LX-6S Sonar System

Price: $629.99 (retail)

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My Rating: 9 out of 10


MarCum LX-6S Product Overview

When we step out onto the ice for a day of fishing, there are a lot of things that are out of our control.  Sometimes the fish are just tougher to catch.  Maybe we are fishing a new body of water.  unless you are fishing your favorite spot, you never really know what’s in that hole you are about to drop your line in.

The MarCum LX-6S Sonar System can help to eliminate a lof the guess work.  This unit has an enhanced display that is also larger than its predecessor.  it has a sensitive processor that can show up to 3/4″ target seperation which allows the screen to show great detail. This allows you to not only see the fish, but also lets you see your lure as well.  You can literally bring your lure to the fish by watching the display.

It has a 4 color LED display, which is typical for most sonars.  However, it also has a fine line tuning feature that allows you to more clearly see the bottom.  One of the more unique (and awesome) features is a zoom that can be used for 5ft,10ft, 20ft, and 40ft ranges.  This allows you to take a closer look at any depth on your sonar.

The display also has the option to view any combination of flasher (your traditional ice fishing sonar view), vertical, or graph sonar (which displays like a traditional fishing sonar would).  You can also view these individually as well.  This feature will allow you to get the most detailed views of what is happening beneath the surface.

It has a 12 level interference rejection system system which helps to avoid sonar interference from other people even if you are fishing in a crowd.  It also has a 12 volt rechargable battery that will easily last for a day of fishing, and comes with the charger as well.  It comes with a padded carrying case to help protect the unit.  It also comes with a snow shield to keep it out of the elements as well.

The LX-6S is also backed by a two year manufacturers warranty.

Sonar is an investment, but the MarCum LX-6S is worth it

Sonar units are a must have to take your ice fishing game to the next level.  Do some shopping and you will find that there are tons of options and price ranges.  There are two big things that I like to ask myself when looking at these units. The first is how much am I willing to spend.  Second, how much will I use the features that come with any given unit.  The MarCum LX-6S is a great middle of the road option.

As far as the price goes, falls somewhere in the middle.  You can spend less, but you can definitely spend more.  But the features are what help to set this unit apart.  The unit is digital, which allows you to make a ton of different adjustments to the view to suit your preference.  It also allows yout download any sofware upgrades easily to keep your unit up to date.

There are plenty of units out there that will just show you the traditional flasher view, which is fine in most cases.  The MarCum gives you much more with the option for the sonar graph and vertical view as well.  This can help you to get a much more accurate view of the area.  The sonar view also helps to see humps and depressions on the bottom, which isn’t possible with the normal flasher view.  This can literally be the difference between catching fish and going home empty handed.

The other feature that is nice with this unit is the zoom.  This is another one that allows you to get a more detailed view of what is happening beneath the surface, and also view specific parts of the water column as well.

The MarCum LX-6S checks all the boxes for most of us

There are definitely more advanced units on the market, and you will even find some that can do less.  This unit falls in the middle ground in terms of price, but will provide almost anything that you will need from a fish finder.  It has some very unique features and will do what most of us would need from a fish finder.

It comes with everything that you need to protect and use the unit, so there isn’t any additional investment.

I will tell you that these units will take some time to get used to.  With the different options and views, it will take you a couple days to learn how to read the screen and make necessary adjustments to fit your preferences.  This is what I would consider the biggest “drawback” with this unit, but this will be present with any sonar.

All in all, The MarCum LX-6S is a great unit.  All of the features and ability to customize the unit allow you to really make it your own.  The fact that is a digital unit also makes it very easy to upgrade sofware and keep everything up to date with the newest advancements from MarCum.  In regards to the price, there is some investment required here, but the beneifts definitely make it worthwhile.

Unless you are a professional fisheman or just really love technology, this unit will give you what you need without being too complex, so it gets a 9 out of 10 from me.

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Thanks for checking out my review!  If you have any questions or anything to add, leave it in the comments below.

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