About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to the Ice Fishing Tactics website! Since I was young, I have done many types of fishing here in my home state of Colorado.  I began ice fishing when I was around 16, and I have been hooked (literally) ever since.  When the cold weather comes and many people pack their outdoors gear away, I love to get out the winter gear, hit the hard water and get after the fish.

Being a self taught fisherman, I realize that there are so many different tactics and products out there, it can be tough to sort through it all and figure our which direction to go.  Typically, this would be something that I would figure out through trial and error (which costs money and takes valuable time).

Now I want to give back to the ice fishing community.

Through all of my years of fishing, I’ve learned some valuable information that can help anyone to catch more quality fish on a more consistent basis…and I want to offer this information to others and take a  look at the newest techinuques and gear that todays pros are using.

Another fish story…

Another day of ice fishing, and we are out after the fish.  When you fish in the city, there are usually quite a few people on the ice.  We are surrounded by people who don’t seem to be catching much.  We do our typical routine before we pick our spot.  Drill a bunch of holes, check our depth.  Look for the fish.  We find a nice ledge, drill a few holes in the area and drop our bait down.  Boom!  Immediate fish!  Reel it in, drop back down, antoher fish!  We repeat this cycle many times for the next several hours.

We have all been here before.

We seem to be in the right area and think we must be using the right tackle, but someone else is completely outfishing us.  The proper spot, technique, and bait make all the difference in the world.

The game has changed

With new technology and our ability to access nearly unlimited amounts of information in seconds, the days of guessing and hoping to catch fish are a thing of the past.  Ice fishing has gone from remembering one particular spot and bait to having things like handheld GPS, fish finders, and underwater cameras.  Technology has eliminated a lof of the guesswork.  And let’s face it, figuring out the fish is tough enough.

Different conditions require different tactics.  What species are you after?  What type of weather pattern are we in?  What time of day is it?  The list of varaiables is endless.  By learning to ask ourselves these questions and understanding what effect these things can have on the fish, we can greatly increase our chances of success.

Much of the content that I’m going to be discussing will be centered around helping answer these questions.  We will also be discussing new tactics and gear that can help us put more fish on the ice.  The beauty of todays world is that we can figure this out together.  Less trial and error means more time with tight lines!

Knowledge Is Power

There are many ways to approach ice fishing.  You can go out and just plain guess.  Pick a spot, drill a hole and sit there all day.  You might catch something.  But that’s not what we want.  If we are armed with the proper knowledge, tactics and gear, we can get out there and spend less time guessing and more time catching.

So take a look around and if you ever have anything you would like to add about what works for you out there, I would love to hear it.

To tight line and good times,                                                             ice-fishing-about-me


Founder of Ice Fishing World